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Heating Induction bending machine

Heating Induction bending machine

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Heating Induction Bending Machine

Hei Yan successfully put PLC system onto Heating Induction Bending Machine since 2010.

Hei Yan sells many sets of PLC system of  Heating Induction Bending Machine to customers home and abroad who is honored by the Heating Induction Bending Machine.

Heating Induction Bending Machine control System combined by:Control software,touch screen,Siemens s7-226CN,EM222,EM235,EM231,EM232,X ray thermodetector,siko magnetism scale,magnetism head sensor,temperature sensor,pressure sensor,current transmitter,voltage transmitter etc.Support max 3 languages.

Heating Induction Bending Machine has manual and automatic two operation ways,can achieve to
 Bending thickness reducing:<5-10%,
    Oval: <5%
    Waver: hot<2%
    Plain L=500<3
    Bending radius tolerance<20mm
 Bending angle tolerance+/-0.5 degree
Heating Induction Bending Machine,best solution for bend pipes,widely used in Petroleum,gas,bridge,construction,pipelines.

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